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The Managers of American Hellenic Hull Insurance Company are driven by their passion for shipping and insurance

American Hellenic Hull Insurance Company Ltd

American Hellenic Hull provides a range of insurance products to cover the evolving risks of the shipping industry, in compliance with the requirements of Solvency II. It covers hull & machinery and war risks for most main classes of vessel, including general cargo vessels, dry bulk carriers, all types of tanker, container ships, gas carriers and passenger vessels.

American Hellenic Hull is the first marine insurance company licensed in Cyprus under the Solvency II regime’s requirements. The Solvency II Capital Requirement reflects the economic capital to be held by an insurance undertaking in order to ensure that ruin occurs no more often than once in every 200 cases or, alternatively, that this undertaking will still be in a position, with a probability of more than 99.5%, to meet its obligations to policy holders and beneficiaries over the following 12 months.

American Hellenic gives triple protection to policyholders, because it has successfully passed all additional financial and operational Stress Tests required by the Solvency II regime and holds economic capital to meet its projected obligations to policy holders and beneficiaries.

Hellenic Hull Technical Services

Hellenic Hull Technical Services (HHTS) provides shipowners with high quality technical and advisory services. HHTS has signed a cooperation agreement with Lloyd’s Register, in Greece for the provision of specialized technical services in support of classification and statutory certification requirements including Ballast Water Treatment evaluations & retrofitting solutions, design/documentation support, marine management systems, and training.

Hellenic Hull Mutual Association Plc

Hellenic Hull Mutual Association Plc., formed in 1994, offered reliable insurance solutions to Greek and Cypriot shipowners for more than 20 years. The innovative idea of establishing a mutual marine underwriting firm, with specific entry rights, was conceived by Greek and English insurance brokers that had found it difficult to arrange suitable cover for their small-tonnage clients. Hence the mutual initially served mainly shipowners with smaller and medium-sized fleets. But so successful was Hellenic Hull that the clientele also included larger ships and some of the industry’s major companies. The excellent reinsurance claims record of Hellenic Hull Mutual Association underlines Hellenic Hull’s expertise and provides a solid platform for expansion. Following the decision to establish American Hellenic Hull Insurance Company, the Hellenic Hull Mutual went into run-off. All claims have been settled and its legacy has passed on to American Hellenic Insurance Company.

Υou can find the Association’s Rules and Conditions handbook here
Also you can download the latest financial statements here