• A global marine insurance company is here. In fact, it’s everywhere.

American Hellenic Hull Insurance Company Ltd., is a joint venture between the American P&I Club and Hellenic Hull Management.

At a glance

The company’s founders and managers teamed up in September 2015, to establish a leading global player in the international blue-water marine hull insurance market. American Hellenic Hull provides a range of insurance products, covering the evolving risks of the shipping industry, in compliance with the requirements of Solvency II. American Hellenic Hull covers hull and machinery and war risks for most classes of vessel, including general cargo vessels, dry bulk carriers, all types of tanker, container ships, gas carriers and passenger vessels. Managed by Hellenic Hull, the company provides fast, local service supported by a network of offices in key locations, backed by the global know-how of its management.

American Hellenic Hull differentiates itself from commoditized hull and machinery insurance. We pride ourselves on maintaining personal relationships of trust with quality shipowners, wherever they may be based, and providing customized insurance protection for each and every vessel. Shipowners today need a true partner to decrease risks and protect their shipping property. No effort is too great for our team when it comes to identifying the best insurance scheme, finding solutions, enhancing our reinsurance programs, or opening up to new markets – all for the benefit of our customers.



Providing cast-iron security to our clients is paramount. Since 1994 we have always provided the highest quality insurance coverage. Our proactive know-how is second to none, and has been tested by successfully overcoming two banking crises.



We are here to stand by our clients for the long term. We manage American Hellenic Hull, a Solvency II-compliant insurance company, and we are completing a smooth, voluntary run-off process on behalf of Hellenic Hull Mutual Association.



State-of-the-art information technology helps us provide the best service and responsiveness to clients and their needs. Offering direct in-house services transparently anytime anywhere, makes us your Global Local Manager.



We intend growing as a company through rigorously applying our values. We will grow through accredited partners, brokers, and shipping houses that respect policies and mutually beneficial relationships.



Every partner, customer, reinsurer, auditor is unique and we respect all of them as part of the chain of insurance and growth. Our culture of respect is key to our promise of being global experts offering local bespoke services.



We are committed to making every effort to find the insurance scheme most suited to each customer, to actively solve issues, to continuously enhance our reinsurance programs, and to explore new markets for the benefit of our customers.



We strive continuously to achieve higher standards of excellence in all aspects of our operation – from our electronic systems to underwriting, claim audits, constant information provision to our customers, and strict Solvency-II governance.

Products & Services

Providing protection for shipowners and their vessels.

AHHIC ensures that the capital value of your vessels remains protected, throughout the period of insurance. Conditions provided by AHHIC cover Salvage, General Average, Sue and Labor expenses, War, War P&I, Increased Value (IV), Disbursements and certain liabilities. AHHIC offers hull insurance according to all customary/ mainstream industry terms and conditions, such as ITC, American Institute Hull Clauses, DTV/ ADS, Nordic Plan, etc.