• Underwriting

Quotation within 24 hours


Being your Global Local Underwriter means that the vast majority of our clients get a quotation within 24 hours and a contract within seven days – wherever they may be based. Active for more than 20 years in one of the world’s most competitive and demanding markets, our underwriting team has an outstanding record, with a 67% loss ratio and a renewability ratio of 99%. AHHIC’s presence in three continents aids our ability to respond quickly and to build a strong portfolio of clients. Utilizing Microsoft Dynamics Nav, a custom Microsoft marine insurance platform, we offer bespoke solutions that focus on the specific requirements of each client and meet the challenges of today’s globalized market. Committed to providing high-quality service as well as nurturing strong long-term relationships with our clients and brokers, our overriding objective is to protect their interests.

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  • Claims

Highest level of service


Hellenic Hull Management provides the highest level of service on every single valid claim. A fast, fair non-bureaucratic efficient claims’ service is at the very heart of Hellenic Hull, and an is our unconditional promise to clients. The fact that the claims team is staffed by seafarers is a key advantage of AHHIC. Speedy and diligent handling of valid claims is essential so that any loss, disruption or inconvenience is minimized for our clients.  We have more than 20 years of experience in handling shipping claims expeditiously and our track record has been a key reason for our high annual renewal rates.

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  • Financial

Strong, long-term partner


A strong, experienced Financial Department is in the best interest of our clients who require a strong, long-term partner. The department is tasked with ensuring that the company is compliant with all financial requirements of Solvency II, and that all procedures followed are clear and transparent. Furthermore, the team is trained to foresee wider trends and to keep the company’s, standing, including future obligations, under rigorous review. Hellenic Hull also has very high standards of reporting, ensuring that the company fully meets all regulatory requirements as well as maintaining its robust financial status. Our team has already been tested in reality by two separate major banking crises. Overcoming the harshest of conditions has helped to create a considerable reservoir of experience and toughened the team’s resolve to ensure security in all weathers.

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