• CEO’s Note

These are exciting times for us, as we make new friends all over the globe

My experience derives from the sea, and there is an old Greek-market saying: the sea may sicken, but the sea will never die. At Hellenic Hull Management, our every move is guided by this long-term view of the maritime adventure. We hold a similar strong belief in the sustainability of the shipping industry.

We believe that in marine insurance you are only as good as your clients and the services you provide to them. Only with quality as a guiding light can a marine insurance provider set sail in the market and be confident that it can withstand any seas and complete the journey as promised, ensuring the utmost protection for owners.

These are precisely the principles that underpin the American Hellenic Hull Insurance Company since 2015 when we joined hands with the American Club to launch a new hull and machinery insurer. American Hellenic Hull operates in strict compliance with stringent Solvency II standards. The new company began operating as recently as July 2016 but from the beginning has been able to call upon a deep pool of industry know-how and experience.

The management team of Hellenic Hull brings a two-decades track record of successfully navigating the marine market. Our reputation was initially gained through managing the Hellenic Hull Mutual Association, an innovative insurer dedicated to Greek and Cypriot shipowners. Being backed by the century-old American Club guarantees a robust financial base and a strategic network of international offices, as well as bringing another layer of global shipping expertise to American Hellenic Hull.

Initial growth has exceeded all forecasts and every target as shipowners around the world have welcomed our approach. We are making new friend all over the globe. So we have had to expand our resources to keep pace and I am very pleased to say that we have added new colleagues of the very highest level to all key departments.

As a result, we have further strengthened one of the most experienced hull and machinery underwriting teams at work today, and we continue providing the premium, bespoke service that is one of the hallmarks of our company.

Ilias P. Tsakiris