• CEO’s Note

These are exciting times for us, as we make new friends all over the globe

You cannot expect halcyon days unless you know how to weather the storms. At Hellenic Hull, we have the knowledge to steer through the roughest weather.

Our love for shipping, and our faith in the industry, was first cultivated in the Greek shipping market. The innovative approach of the Hellenic Hull Mutual Association, based on a vision of greater cooperation and mutuality, was conceived in order to offer reliable insurance solutions to Greek and Cypriot shipowners. Overcoming fierce competition, Hellenic became a strong entity that filled a market gap for many types of vessel.

My experience derives from the sea, and there is an old Greek market saying: the sea may sicken, but the sea will never die. The good ship Hellenic Hull certainly encountered rough seas and I am proud of steering through these, of completing many safe voyages and of proving ourselves capable of undertaking even greater journeys. We can now look back on the storms we overcame as invaluable experience. In the face of volatility in global financial and shipping markets, we had to reassess and reshape our strategy, focusing on security against any kind of risk.

Coming to the present, we are delighted by our strategic alliance with the American Club, which has led to the foundation of the American Hellenic Hull Insurance Company.

We are in the happy position of having both a strong partner and a robust financial base. It’s a matter of pride to us that we now run the first marine insurance company in Greece and Cyprus in compliance with all Solvency II requirements. Worldwide we have one of the most experienced hull and machinery underwriting teams at work today, offering bespoke services to the shipping industry.

Hellenic Hull Management is not a start-up. It is a seasoned manager that has undergone an evolution from local underwriter to a global insurer. These are exciting times for us, as we make new friends all over the globe. As ever, though, our target is to provide premium service to all our clients. As your Global Local Manager, allow us to ensure that you voyage securely wherever you go.


Ilias P. Tsakiris

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