• American Hellenic Hull supports ‘YES Forum’

    The open dialogue platform that brings the next generation into contact with decision makers in the shipping and tourism sectors

  • American Hellenic Hull’s first market presentation in Cyprus

    At an inaugural presentation held in Limassol, the Cypriot market was informed of the company’s first seven months of growth

  • Proud sponsor of the Greek Shipping Hall of Fame

    On 3rd April 2017 we celebrate Greek shipping heritage and we pay tribute to historic personalities who have shaped the industry

  • Global expertise
    Local bespoke service

    We offer security, efficiencies, and customer dedication that provide real protection for shipowners

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  • United and strong partners to shipowners across Europe, Asia and The Americas

    The American Club and Hellenic Hull have joined their strengths to create a uniquely successful global hull and machinery insurance company

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  • Strong financial base

    Our managers’ belief in a strong financial base was strengthened by experience successfully navigating two banking crises. Our outstanding results include a yearly renewal ratio that averages 99%

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  • Experienced and dedicated team

    The Managers’ team comprises highly qualified and motivated professionals.

Global Presence

Local insights

American Hellenic Hull serves international customers across Europe, Asia, and the Americas


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